Lunar Memorials

Time is fleeting, and memories fade...Memorial On The Moon

Finding a memorial that is both enduring and meaningful is one of life's greatest challenges. There's no need to search the whole world to find the perfect way to honor your loved one.

In fact, all you have to do is look up in the night sky at our old friend, the Moon.

Through our unique partnership with the Lunar Development Corporation and the Lunar Geographic Society, we have established the first and only service that allows you to create a lasting memorial to your loved one on the Moon.

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Your memorial crater will be located in a specially-designated section of the Sea Of Tranquility, the Sea Of Serenity or the Lake Of Dreams by your choice. Each region may be viewed from Earth on most moonlit nights.

Artist's Rendering Of Lunar Memorial Certificate

Sample image of
memorial certificate

The complete Lunar Memorial Package:

Includes a beautifully engraved commemorative parchment certificate and a satellite photograph of the region surrounding the memorial crater, along with information detailing the geography of the memorial region to assist in locating the crater (either with a telescope or when visiting in person in the future).

An elegant memorial card inscribed with your personal message for your loved one.

Inscription included in the online Memorial Registry, where it can be viewed perpetually by friends and family members around the world.

Package price: $39.95 (+ $10 shipping and handling fee).

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