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How Much Would You
Weigh On The Moon?

Admit it. You have tried every diet ever invented, from Scarsdale to Beverly Hills. You watch your carbs and your fat intake, you try to exercise regularly, and still there's that extra little bit of you that you refuses to disappear.The Earth's Lunar Moon

Take heart, gentle reader, because we here in the vaunted Lunar Republic Society Research Department have found the most perfect diet in the galaxy, and you won't have to do a single sit-up or spend a second on the treadmill. Even better, it won't cost you a dime. (Although the boss would probably prefer it if we asked you to buy an acre of lunar land in exchange for sharing our amazing weight-loss secret with you!)

Actually, our secret is pretty simple. On the Moon, your weight is only about 17% of what it is here on Earth, due mostly to the difference in mass and gravity of the two orbs. Barbara in our accounting department, who is usually first in line for Friday morning doughnuts, says she hasn't weighed this much since she was sixteen years old, and she's already planning to book her passage on the first moonward flight!

As they say, every journey begins with a single step. Well, here's one giant step for you ... and a significant reduction in your body weight!

How Much Do You Weigh On Earth?

Your Weight On The Moon Is:

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