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Property on the moon for Valentine's Day!

Looking for a great gift? No matter where in the world you are, nothing could be greater than to own your own crater™ from The Lunar Registry!
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An Out-Of-This-World Radio Promotion:
Moon Someone!™
From The Lunar Registry

Unique Radio Station PromotionThink that there are no new, fun ideas for radio promotions? Think that nobody has come up with anything creative and unique to grab listeners' attention since Marconi first figured out how to get noise to come out of a box?

Think again!

In cooperation with The Lunar RegistryEarth's Leading Lunar Real Estate Agency™ — your station can offer your listeners a prize that is truly out of this world: their own ten-acre parcel of land on the Moon!

You are probably already familiar with The Lunar Registry — we're known internationally for offering one of the most unique gifts available anywhere, as well as for our role in advocating commercial lunar exploration and settlement, and for helping to fund scholarships and educational programs through our sales of land claims on the Moon.

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The personalized documents prize package includes a framed engraved parchment deed for ten acres on the Moon, a satellite photograph of the lunar property, an information sheet detailing the geographic features in the region, a copy of The Full Moon Atlas CD-ROM and much more!
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How The Promotion Works

"Moon Someone!"™ is a simple, free and easy-to-run promotion that will work in virtually any format. You can adapt it to meet your station's individual needs — we'll work with you to make sure that it's customized to fit your audience. You can run the promotion once an hour, once during each daypart, or as a feature on your morning show.

We call this promotion "Moon Someone!"™ for a simple reason — it gives your listeners the chance to call in and, literally and figuratively, moon someone! Don't worry, they won't be forced to bare their fannies in public. Instead, they can "moon" their boss, spouse, best friend or co-worker — or anyone else they choose — with the deed to their own property on Luna.

Here's a few sample scenarios showing how "Moon Someone" can work for you:

l Adult Contemporary Format: during mid-morning, the host announces that it's time for one lucky at-work listener to "moon" his or her boss. The selected caller gets the opportunity to go on the air and tell why the boss should be mooned (this can be a good thing or a bad thing!). Both the caller and the boss receive personalized prize packages from The Lunar Registry.

l Talk Format: during an "open phones" segment, callers can nominate a politician or other public figure (perhaps the governor or a Hollywood celebrity) who deserves to be "mooned" for having said or done something dumb in the past few days. At the end of the segment, the host chooses the best call, with both the caller and the targeted "Moonee" receiving a prize package.

l Country Music Format: the morning hosts promote an "out of this world getaway" for one lucky listener and his or her spouse, significant other or best friend. Each hour during the morning show, one lucky listener is selected to go on the air to say who they'd like to go with and why. At the end of the two-week contest, one listener is chosen to receive the lunar prize package (transportation not included!) along with dinner for two (provided by a co-sponsoring local restaurant).

l All-Sports Format: the host picks several athletes who have said or done something stupid during the previous week. Listeners can go to the station's website to vote on which player (or owner, general manager, etc.) should be "mooned." The player receiving the most votes receives a property package for his "achievement" with compliments from the station and its listeners, while one listener is drawn randomly from the pool of voters and receives his own prize package.

l "Love Lines" Format: In conjunction with several businesses in your area, put together the perfect wedding package for one lucky couple — including the rings from a local jeweler, the cake from a local bakery ... and a special "HoneyMOON™ Real Estate Package" from The Lunar Registry!

These are just a few suggestions — let your creativity run wild!

What We Require From You,
And What We'll Do For You...

Moon Someone Radio PromotionWe're very flexible when it comes to how you decide to implement this program. We only ask that you make sure that our name (The Lunar Registry), our tagline ("If you're looking for a great gift, nothing could be greater than to own your own crater!"™) and our Web address ( are mentioned prominently in connection with this promotion.

If your company owns a cluster of stations in the same community, feel free to use this promotion on any or all of the stations. We also promise market exclusivity and protection. Prize packages are valued at approximately $500 (US) and are provided at no cost to you in return for promotional consideration.

We handle all fulfillment for prize packages, including personalization, framing, packaging and prompt shipping to contest winners. If you would like to receive a complimentary property package to evaluate, please let us know and we'll get one out to you!

Ready to move forward? Please contact us via e-mail by clicking on the link below. Make sure that you provide us with your station's call letters, format, location (market served) and your contact information, including your address and phone number. We'll get back to you immediately with additional details!

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