The Lunar Republic

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From this day onward,

Let all beings know from these presents that we, the people, do hereby proclaim and herald the creation of the independent and sovereign Republic of Luna, and claim this land upon the planet which orbits Earth as our own.

We claim this land upon Luna in the name of those who shall be dedicated to securing and developing her future, mindful of her role as a gateway to the Universe, and taking heed to preserve her freedom and resources from the control of foreign governments, entities and agents.

The people of the Lunar Republic shall be solely responsible for establishing the laws and regulations for the governance and development of Luna, and shall not be subject to any laws, decrees or treaties established by any government or regime, foreign or domestic, other than those accepted and consented to by her citizenry.

The people of the Lunar Republic do hereby mandate that all beings throughout the Universe do recognize, respect and uphold our sovereign right to self-determination and self-governance as a free and autonomous citizenry.

So proclaimed on this day, the twentieth of July, in the year 1999 of the Common Era, upon the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of humankind's first visit to Luna, in the name and in witness of the citizens and subjects of the Lunar Republic, a legally-organized and registered international business company.

Flag Of The Lunar Republic

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