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Searching For The
Perfect Business Gift?
Give Your Clients The Moon!

"Moon Over St. Andrews"
Steve Heit
(Courtesy Cole Executive Golf)

Another fruit basket? Wine? Golf balls? That's right, it's all been done before, hasn't it?

Click here for an instant gift download!If you've run out of ideas for great, exciting, thoughtful gifts for your clients -- or even your own staff -- wouldn't it be great to give them something that shows you aim high?

Lunar real estate is the perfect "prestige" gift for the person who has it all. Whether it's an acre in the famed Sea Of Tranquility, the magnificent Lake Of Dreams, or the spectacular Lunar Alps, your client will appreciate a gift of land on the Moon that is timeless and unique!

Whether you're buying for one or two valued clients or for a hundred key customers, your sales team or customer service group, we have a gift program to fit your needs. Whether you're saying "Happy Holidays" or simply "Thanks for a great year," we can work to customize a package of properties in a single lunar region, or an assortment of properties located in various areas.

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Looking to kick off this year's sales campaign in style? Is there a better incentive to offer than to ask your sales force to shoot for the Moon ... and actually get a piece of the Moon for reaching their goals? Looking to promote a moonlight sale or moonlight cruise? We can provide property packages and gift certificates to meet your needs! Quick turnaround and excellent service are our hallmarks we'll make sure you're over the Moon with delight!

Click here for an instant gift download!Each parchment deed is beautifully engraved and personalized with the property owner's name, and each ownership package comes complete with an actual satellite photograph of the property, plus an information sheet with geographical details and documents proclaiming honorary citizenship in the Lunar Republic, and many more fun extras! We'll even include a personalized gift card at no extra cost to you!

Send your gift-giving wish list to us or fax your list of names directly to us at 212-214-0754 and we'll work up special pricing just for you and your company. Have special needs or an idea for a variation of your own? Tell us, and we'll take care of it for you!

Just remember what we always say: Nothing could be greater than to own your own crater!

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