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Running Out Of Birthday Gift Ideas?
Nothing Could Be Greater Than
To Give 'Em Their Own Crater!

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"Earth-Moon-Stars" by Werner Benger

by Werner Benger
(Courtesy Werner Benger)

You say you've looked in every store there is at the mall ... and you still can't come up with a clever, unique and fun birthday gift? Now's the time to think about mooning someone!

Click here for an instant gift download!Don't laugh! Lunar property makes a wonderful gift, and comes complete with a beautifully engraved and personalized deed to an acre of premium real estate on the Moon, an actual satellite photograph of the property tract from the Lunar Observer database, an illustrated guide to locating the acre — whether you're viewing it through a telescope or visiting in person — and detailed information on the geographic features of the region. Click here to view document samples!

Ordering is fast and easy, and much more fun and creative than a plain old gift certificate! (Besides, wasn't that last year's birthday gift?)

And, compared with the stars offered by the various "name a star" companies, you'll actually be able to see your lunar property almost any night that the Moon is out ... as opposed to a tiny, indistinguishable point of light billions and billions of light years away!

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Whether it's a single acre in the Bay Of Rainbows, side-by-side parcels in the Lake Of Dreams, or a dozen acres in the Montes Taurus (overlooking the Bay Of Love), your "Birthday Boy" (or Girl!) will be dazzled by a unique gift that is distinctive, different and very affordable. To view all the property choices, please click here.

Buying the perfect piece of moon property to a friend or family member — your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, your kids, or even your boss or co-workers — is as easy as selecting the right location, entering that person's name, and adding a personalized gift note.

Click here for an instant gift download!Pricing begins at less than $20 per acre, depending upon location. The Full Moon Atlas on CD-ROM — the perfect accompaniment for any property package — is available optionally at a discounted price.

Naming a star sounds like fun, but have you thought about standing outside in the freezing night air, desperately scanning the skies for the faint pinpoint of light that is your star? Meanwhile, lunar property owners from around the world simply look up at the Moon and say, "See that? I own a piece of it!"

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